Author: Kassidy

Still recruiting with Excel spreadsheets? It’s time for an upgrade

If you’re still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your talent pipeline, you probably already know you are overdue for an upgrade. In fact, you’ve likely known for some time. However, it can be easy to fall into the trap of procrastinating while you convince yourself that the status quo isn’t so bad. Well, it’s time […]

How do you make changes to hybrid working?

In recent months, we’ve seen a number of companies changing their stance on hybrid working, and it hasn’t always been successful. When CommBank sought to have workers return to in-office work 50 per cent of the time, a union took it to the employer watchdog. At Randwick Council in Sydney, similar changes led to an […]

Can tech really help me find good candidates and employees?

To say recruitment is challenging right now is an understatement. Australia is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, meaning business owners and talent acquisition professionals are navigating unchartered territory. Overlaying the talent shortage, candidate preferences have changed. Today’s candidates know what they want from an employer, and unless they’ve been living under a […]

Three reasons you need one-way video interviewing right now

Asynchronous video interviewing is a tool that allows you to request a one-way video interview that candidates complete at a time that suits them. With little effort required from your team, it’s a great way to quickly screen candidates, bring resumes to life and ultimately make more informed shortlisting decisions. But here are three benefits […]

How can you reach more healthcare talent?

The healthcare employment market remains a candidate-short one, and the challenges continue to mount for many subsectors. We are yet to see skilled migration return to pre-pandemic levels, and this, combined with local skills shortages, is creating the perfect storm and a significant challenge for this essential service. Case in point, vacancies for Registered Nurses […]

How to recruit proactively and why you should

Proactive recruitment, or sourcing candidates before you have demand, is a growing trend and may prove vital as our candidate-short market continues. It is a long-term strategy that can take some time to implement but can be incredibly successful, building a talent pipeline to put you on the front foot. Once you have this talent […]

Five innovative ways to market your job ads

The world is transforming rapidly, and innovation is imperative for successful recruitment. Gone are the days when candidates flocked to a job ad purely because it sounded like a good role. Instead, considerations like overall brand presence, company culture and employee incentivisation are now part of the systematic approach to recruitment. With that in mind, […]

Four ways you can use your data to improve the hiring process

If you have the right ATS solution, your system should be a veritable gold mine of data. You can leverage this to improve recruitment outcomes, from attracting the right candidates through to your application and selection process. Here are four ways you can use your turbo data to drive better results. #1 Allocate budget to […]

How your ATS can help you reach and engage the best candidates

Today’s jobs market is a whole new ball game. With Millennials set to make up 75% of our workforce by 2025, where and how we reach the best candidates is rapidly changing. Here’s how your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help. Building a targeted approach to reach the right demographic I recently spoke to someone […]