Can tech really help me find good candidates and employees?

To say recruitment is challenging right now is an understatement. Australia is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, meaning business owners and talent acquisition professionals are navigating unchartered territory.

Overlaying the talent shortage, candidate preferences have changed. Today’s candidates know what they want from an employer, and unless they’ve been living under a rock, they also know they are a scarce commodity.

So can tech REALLY help respond to this unprecedented challenge? Will it help me find candidates?

In this market, talent acquisition activities have to be fast and efficient to find and retain the best talent. In this market, your competitors are likely looking for ways to increase speed, so if you’re not, they’ll capture the talent that should be working for you!

The backbone of any recruitment process is the technology around applicant attraction, screening and engagement – your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

But with so many options on the market, how do you find the one that meets your needs?

Your ATS plays a critical role in identifying, screening and ultimately delivering the right hire for your business. So what should you be considering? Here are some questions to ask yourself and any potential tech partners.

How will the tech support my business?

Recruitment and HR are, first and foremost, a people business. So the right solution is not about replacing the human element but rather replacing those repeatable tasks that take your focus off what’s most important – engaging with the best-fit candidates.

These repeatable tasks can differ from organisation to organisation but commonly include:

– Posting to all relevant job boards in one click

– Pre-screening candidates as part of the application process

– Automating initial email communications and candidate engagement

– Leveraging the tech to provide you with an initial view of each application and resume

– Searching for candidates that have previously applied for roles

– Capturing relevant candidate data upfront, e.g. qualifications, accreditations, references

Automating some or all of the processes above ensures that the candidate experience is a winning one and that you engage with best-fit candidates in a manner that aligns with your values. This is pivotal to keeping candidates engaged in the process.

The best provider for you will be able to demonstrate how the solution will enhance the candidate experience, saving you time and money while delivering on your specific needs and desired recruitment outcomes.

Is it bespoke?

The right ATS should allow you to map out the ideal hiring process for your market and your candidate and deliver on it. Out-of-the-box solutions won’t cut it in this environment, where recruitment must be targeted and nuanced to find that proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’.

A customised solution should take into account your business needs, the market and your stakeholders. For example, if your stakeholder map includes hiring managers, HR or even senior management, here or abroad, how does the system keep them informed to avoid bottlenecks?

Is it designed (and supported!) for your market?

There is a wide range of overseas, out-of-the-box solutions available today, but you have to be sure they are suited to your specific market, understanding the challenges and opportunities to get the best return on investment.

For local HR teams, the ideal goal should be a solution designed for the ANZ region, and if it’s got local support, even better. You don’t want to wait in a queue when you need a change. You want a team on the ground who cares and keeps your data onshore to maintain compliance with local regulations.

Ultimately, the right solution for you is one that puts your business at the centre from the very outset, systemising and automating the process so that you can find and identify the right candidates, fast.

Interested in how a local solution can help you achieve better recruitment outcomes in a challenging market? We’d love to show you how turbo can change the game. You can check out how we’ve achieved this for other organisations or contact our team for a personalised demonstration.