ChatGPT will only increase the value of talent acquisition expertise. Here’s why.

How many times did you interact with AI today? If you think it’s less than 28, you’re likely underestimating this increasingly pervasive technology.

Generative AI has been part of the hiring process on the employer side for some time. From automated screening to chatbots, it’s not new.

However, the introduction of ChatGPT has made it readily available and free for anyone – and that means candidates.

But what can it do for a candidate? It can write their applications, cover letters and CVs. This was once only available to those who were willing to pay for a resume writer; now it’s free. So, will you see more of it? You will, and already have.

It may see some candidates progress beyond screening based on an AI-written application, particularly if they ask ChatGPT to use keywords. But there’s another side to this coin.

Poorly briefed, ChatGPT will likely generate shallow and robotic content that won’t make thGenee cut. And briefing generative AI is a skill in itself, one that is increasing in value. So, if a candidate skates through screening on this basis, they have at least one useful skill set.

In settings like education, where ChatGPT poses a significant risk, AI detection tools are growing in popularity. And it’s likely we will see this functionality being built into more recruitment screening tools, too.

(Detection will be an interesting space to watch. As the natural language processing capability of generative AI grows, detection tools will have to keep pace to remain effective. Who will win that battle remains to be seen.)

When was the last time you hired someone based on their written application alone?

If you’re doing it right, the answer should be never!

Talent acquisition skills are inherently human. Most TA professionals don’t have a manual for identifying a candidate’s cultural fit or potential value. They can read people, making calculated decisions based on the data points they gain.

As we see more generative AI being used by candidates, organisations who relied on hiring managers rather than specialist TA teams will likely see an increasing need for this expertise. And organisations who have it in-house will place more strategic value on it.

Generative AI is impacting every industry and the mandate for talent acquisition is clear. Refine and sharpen those human interaction skills, that innate ability to determine fit, because that’s where the inherent value of your expertise is, and always has been.

AI can’t do this to a human level. At least, not yet.