Five innovative ways to market your job ads

The world is transforming rapidly, and innovation is imperative for successful recruitment. Gone are the days when candidates flocked to a job ad purely because it sounded like a good role. Instead, considerations like overall brand presence, company culture and employee incentivisation are now part of the systematic approach to recruitment.

With that in mind, how do you market your job ad strategically and holistically so that you reach the best talent?

#1 Stand out from the crowd with a microsite

A microsite, a single-page site for your job ad, offers a targeted approach that allows you to stand out from the crowd. In addition, it gives you tremendous reach, highlighting your job ad and showcasing what’s on offer.

turbo’s built-in microsite feature means you can quickly and easily customise a targeted microsite for your job ad that attracts top talent to your role. The analytics, including number of applicants, source, location, and number of clicks, are recorded and available on a role-by-role basis, providing insight on performance.

#2 Use a variety of mediums to generate peak interest

In today’s crowded marketplace, the best way to reach both passive and active candidates is to use a variety of mediums, and the use of video is growing rapidly.

Video is a fantastic tool to provide insight for candidates into company culture and a comprehensive understanding of the position on offer. Experiencing a role through video is far more engaging and immersive than reading about it on a screen and can encourage candidates to get excited and motivated about a role before they even apply.

#3 Make best use of traditional job sites 

With all this innovation, we don’t need to throw out past avenues of advertising vacancies, but we need to find contemporary ways to use them to our advantage. Career portals and job sites still draw high numbers of web traffic. In fact, Seek reaches 2.9 billion people globally, making it an incredibly valuable resource for any recruiter or HR professional.

The key is to use the platform as part of your broader strategy, using them as a lead-in to other avenues that showcase your brand and job ad. For example, these portals can be a great entry point to reach candidates and direct them to your microsites, video and social platforms.

#4 Ensure your brand is talking to candidates as well as customers on social media

Social media is a critical channel for recruiters and HR teams. However, it’s essential to take more than a ‘post and run’ approach. While stand-alone job advertisements used to do well on platforms like LinkedIn, there is now a nuance involved. As a result, your job adverts need to be part of a broader social media strategy.

Candidates will be influenced heavily by the online perception of your brand’s values, culture and performance. For example, look at what big players like Google are doing, selling a brand message that pervades all their content and their job ads. Candidates know in a split second whether they want to work for Google, which whittles their candidate pool down to those who perceive an alignment with the brand.

Of course, we aren’t all Google (and unfortunately, don’t have the same budget), but there are some key takeaways – consistency in your brand message is as essential for your candidates as it is for your customers. Communicating a strong sense of your brand through your social channels will help you attract candidates whose values align with yours – leading to more effective recruitment.

#5 Leverage your networks

Your current professional connections are a powerful tool in recruitment. Not only do they boost the exposure of your job ad, but they also help you leverage social media algorithms.

Social recruitment and avenues such as sharing, commenting and reacting to posts can see your job ad reaching more candidates organically, increasing the size and quality of your candidate pool.

It’s also vital to remember that your network includes your current employees, and they may be its most valuable members. Therefore, how you engage your employees is part of your broader talent acquisition strategy. Engaged and incentivised employees will not only stay with you for longer, but they’ll also become brand advocates, referring job opportunities to family and friends.

How are you marketing your vacancies? What’s working for you? We’d love to hear from you, so shoot our team a DM or leave a comment below. And if you’re ready for recruitment technology that supports innovation, get in touch with turbo today.