Five reasons to switch your recruitment technology

In a rapidly changing recruitment landscape, technology can provide significant efficiencies, time and cost savings, as well as getting you the best candidates for the role – if you have the right platform. However, many recruiters get stuck with technology that they don’t use or isn’t the right fit for their organisation.

Does your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)/ Talent Acquisition System (TAS) technology work for you? Here are five reasons you might need to consider making changes.

#1 Focus on the right candidates faster

Given today’s candidate short market, speaking to the right candidates quickly is essential.

The right ATS/TAS will give you the tools to automate the early screening process, freeing you up to focus on only the best candidates for your role. Filtering out unsuitable candidates can be a quick and efficient process with the right technology supporting you.

turbo’s recruitment technology provides multiple options to take the legwork out of the screening process and get you focused on the right candidates faster, including screening questions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) matching, video screening and more. Make sure your ATS/TAS platform allows you to focus on identifying and progressing quality candidates quickly.

#2 The benefits of keeping it local

Some global recruitment software providers centralise their data storage and support offerings in an APAC hub. Although this may cut costs, this consolidated approach can, in some cases, lead to increased data risks and lower quality service and support.

Ask your recruitment software provider where the data is domiciled. If your data is stored offshore, check that it meets your local privacy and confidentiality commitments for candidate data management.

Utilising a local ATS/TAS solution provider with local support and account management can have many advantages for a business in the ANZ region. It can mean that support is more responsive, and you have an account manager that understands the local market in which you are operating. This, in turn, increases the quality of your recruitment offering, ultimately adding value to your business.

As a turbo customer, not only is all of your data hosted with AWS onshore in Australia, but we also strive to build a personal connection with you and work with you to ensure you get the most out of your turbo software. (And it’s no secret that our clients love the support! You can check out some of the ways we’ve helped them here.)

#3 Is your software provider willing to be flexible?

In today’s fast-paced recruitment environment, it’s critical to have recruitment software that can adjust to your organisation’s needs. However, some recruitment software providers have a set-and-forget offering with a defined offering, and your needs must fit within it.

These providers are unwilling to consider your organisation’s specific needs that are not currently within their suite of offerings. This can mean that to operate while using their software, you need to adjust the way you recruit or perform part of your recruitment process manually, outside of the software. Neither of these options is optimal.

At turbo, we work with our customers to provide solutions for their bespoke recruitment needs. These can be:

– Integrations with non-standard job boards, social media or SaaS products your business may require.

– Adjustments to current functionalities to align with the way your business operates.

– Development of new functionalities that don’t currently sit within our suite of products.

#4 Compliance and bespoke workflows

In a swiftly changing recruitment landscape, you need a recruitment software that accommodates changes in the way you recruit as you adapt. Now more than ever, there is an onus on recruiters to gain sufficient background information and meet compliance requirements on candidates.

To do so without drastically increasing workload, recruiters need a platform with technology that not only enables it but also automates it as much as possible. Additionally, using an ATS that allows for a bespoke and adaptable workflow means any additional steps or checks can be added into your process as needed.

This is particularly important in sectors where unique recruitment requirements exist, such as healthcare, education, or local government, to name just a few.

turbo has developed exactly this. We have an ATS that allows you to define and configure your own recruitment workflow to ensure all steps of your processes are met, which can change as your processes evolve.

This is coupled with a robust suite of compliance tools, including:

– Our automated compliance module which can request all compliance documentation required from a candidate with a single click.

– Our dynamic approvals functionality, that can trigger any internal approvals required during your recruitment process, e.g. conflict of interest for candidate interviews, approval of final hiring decisions, etc.

– Our onboarding module that can request e-signatures for all contracts and documentation for a preferred candidate’s onboarding information.

– Integration with third-party products that can take care of any other information collection required, such as Referoo for reference checking.

#5 Reduce expense and expand your reach

Another aspect of recruitment that is rapidly changing is candidate behaviour and demographics.

By advertising a new role through purely traditional channels, you may be missing out on a wide range of quality candidates and be paying more for the privilege! Expanding the reach of your candidate search to capitalise on the channels that have emerged more recently can be done simply and easily with the right recruitment software. These newer channels, such as social media and search engines, are often cost-free, so can reduce your advertising spend at the same time.

This is a big area of focus for turbo. Customers that have worked with us on their candidate reach have managed to improve the success of their social media and search engine presence by upwards of 400%.

Has your technology changed alongside the candidate demographics to keep your expenses low and your reach wide? Is your current ATS/TAS technology the best fit for the way your organisation is evolving to the new recruitment demands? Get in touch to discuss how turbo can work for you.