How video interviewing can help engage the right candidates in a competitive market

Although the pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, our economy is seeing signs of recovery and many businesses are focusing on new growth opportunities or restarting delayed projects. This has created an increased demand for talented candidates. In fact, in May, 53% of businesses across Australia reported increased recruitment difficulties. These difficulties were further exacerbated in areas outside of the capital cities.

In the past, the combination of migrant workers and tourists would have addressed talent shortages, but right now this isn’t possible. Engaging the best candidates in such a competitive market is a challenge, but you might be surprised to learn that it’s an area where video interviewing can help.

Identify the best candidates early to speed up your recruitment

Screening candidates is a time-consuming process. Many hours / days are spent reviewing resumes, creating shortlists, and then making phone calls to set up or conduct an initial interview. But, as the battle for talent intensifies in this market, you might already be too late – the best candidates have several offers on the table. In the time that you have spent finalising your shortlist, you may have already missed the boat. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

Video interviewing tools are a great way to speed up your recruitment, enabling you to see and hear candidates early in the process. This allows you to quickly identify who is right for you and how engaged they are in the process. You can then make more informed decisions on who to engage and progress to move quickly – giving you an advantage in a tight market.

We recently launched our innovative one-way video interviewing platform, viddi, to support recruiters and HR teams to do just this. Just like a real-time interview, viddi doesn’t allow candidates to see the questions beforehand or do-over their responses, so you get their unrehearsed answers.

Reduce candidate drop-outs and make your move

Disengagement is one of the biggest reasons candidates will drop out of your recruitment process, and the longer your process drags out, the more likely they are to call it quits. The use of a video interview shows candidates that you are interested and keeps them engaged in your process from the outset. In fact, with viddi, we are seeing response rates as high as 70% – even in this candidate short market.

If a candidate knows you’re interested, they might just let you know before they accept other offers, giving you the opportunity to make your move.

Make the most of their time, and yours

In a traditional recruitment process, the in-person interview is usually the first chance for a candidate to showcase their skills and personality. Attendance at the first face-to-face interview simply meant a candidate had been long-listed – as you’re both going in cold.

Introducing a one-way video interview to your recruitment process, allows you to review many more candidates and get a better insight into each one with limited effort. The candidates that do progress will have already demonstrated attributes that may make them suitable for the role.

Additionally, the uniformity of the questions asked during the video interview process, enables you to perform an initial assessment on each candidate on a like-for-like basis. The face-to-face interview can then be used to uncover additional information you need to make the right decision.

Bring resumes to life, find the right candidates and make an impression quickly with viddi, a stand-alone or integrated video platform for your Turbo system.  Start your free trial today.