How your ATS can help you reach and engage the best candidates

Today’s jobs market is a whole new ball game. With Millennials set to make up 75% of our workforce by 2025, where and how we reach the best candidates is rapidly changing.

Here’s how your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help.

Building a targeted approach to reach the right demographic

I recently spoke to someone who told me their teenage son was just starting to look for a job. When his father suggested he look on one of the leading job search platforms, his son responded, “What is that?”

For many of us, it may be astounding that someone would not recognise the name of a global job search behemoth. However, it is incredibly telling about where and how we reach our target audience.

So not all of us are targeting teenagers looking for their first casual job, but the habits of younger millennials, those aged 25 – 33, aren’t that different. They live in a world where information is on-demand and curated in the platforms they already use, like Instagram.

Of course, we aren’t all targeting Millennials either. So the first step in any job listing is to consider the demographic you are trying to reach. You don’t want to be spending your budget on the wrong channels.

The right ATS is critical here. turbo gives you the flexibility to post on multiple channels and, most importantly, access to analytics. Analysing the data will help you understand where you are connecting with your target audience to develop a data-driven approach for a digital world.

You can then build a targeted strategy for each role depending on its audience and post directly to your chosen channels from your ATS, making the most of your budget and reaching the right prospects fast.

Providing a seamless and engaging candidate experience

So once you know where to reach your desired candidates, the next step is to ensure they engage with your application process. This is another area where your ATS can help you stand out from the crowd.

Regardless of your target demographic, we live in an instant and on-demand world, so candidates broadly expect a readily accessible and seamless online application experience. And in today’s candidate-short market, the stakes are higher than ever, so it’s worth revisiting and recalibrating yours.

Your ATS should support you in building a seamless online application experience. Consider how you can engage candidates quickly on social media, such as short, sharp pre-application questions rather than lengthy application forms in the first instance.

If you are a turbo user, there are many ways your ATS can support you to build a winning experience, with the data feeding straight back into your system for a single source of truth. And if you need support or customisations to make it even more effective for your team, get in touch with your account manager – we’re here to help.

If you are not a turbo user, ask yourself if your ATS supports you with the data and features you need to reach the right candidates in a changing world. If the answer is no, it may be time to switch. Get in touch with turbo to organise a demo and make 2022 the year you streamline your recruitment.