Four ways you can use your data to improve the hiring process

If you have the right ATS solution, your system should be a veritable gold mine of data. You can leverage this to improve recruitment outcomes, from attracting the right candidates through to your application and selection process.

Here are four ways you can use your turbo data to drive better results.

#1 Allocate budget to the right channels

Reaching the right candidates today is about more than just posting on traditional job sites. There are numerous social, website and networking channels you can use, but how do you determine which one is giving you the best bang for your buck?

turbo not only allows you to post on multiple channels, it also collects data points that you can analyse to refine your strategy. Looking deeper into this data you can see how many people saw your listing, their demographic and whether they engaged with your post. This can help you drive a demographic-based strategy to target the right candidates and make the most of your budget every time.

#2 Identify application pain points

A poor candidate experience is a significant cause of candidate drop-out. With turbo, you can track a candidate’s journey from the time they hit apply to when they hit submit. This gives you a wealth of data on drop-outs and delays.

You can see exactly where the bottlenecks are occurring, allowing you to recalibrate the specific elements that are causing issues to improve the candidate experience, increase speed and the number of applications. In many cases, these pain points are small — such as losing engagement due to long job descriptions — and easily fixed.

#3 Customise campaigns for browsers and devices

As a general rule, we know that younger candidates are more likely to use mobile devices, but there are many other factors that influence this. Knowing the browsers and particularly the devices the majority of your candidates are using can help you build responsive campaigns and forms that engage candidates wherever they are.

#4 Streamline internal processes

Even with the slickest candidate-facing campaign, if your internal processes aren’t in line, you won’t be making the most of your investment. Your ATS has a wealth of data around your client touchpoints and how long it is taking the candidate to respond.

If you are seeing a lag at any point, it’s likely your process needs updating. turbo offers a range of automation tools designed to streamline your communications and internal processes, so make use of these to ensure candidates are engaged post-application too.

If you are a turbo user, your account manager is here to help you make the most of the data, tools and features to deliver the best possible candidate experience, on time and on budget. Reach out to your account manager to discuss how you can improve efficiencies.

And if you are not a turbo user, but would like a locally-supported ATS that is designed for your business needs, get in touch. We’d love to show you how turbo could save you time and money while reaching the best candidates fast.