Author: Saurabh Thaper

Looking for an ATS? Here’s why turbo should be in the mix!

What do you look for in a new application tracking system (ATS)? There are countless options on the market all vying for your attention. You’ve probably heard of the big, international players (marketing budgets for days!) with lots of bells and whistles on offer. But if you’re looking for something that works for the local […]

How to capture candidate feedback and why it matters

Candidate feedback is invaluable for constantly improving and fine-tuning your recruitment process. It can unlock insights about your application processes, candidate experience and employer brand. In particular, feedback from candidates who didn’t get the job can be immensely helpful as they may provide a more critical analysis. Capturing this feedback, however, requires a structured approach […]

Want to attract top talent? Here’s why the reverse interview should be part of your hiring process

In today’s market, it’s hard to find new and innovative ways to attract leading candidates, but the reverse interview may be a great way to stand out from the crowd. So, what is the reverse interview? As the name suggests, reverse interviewing allows candidates to ask the questions. In a typical reverse interview, the candidate […]

HR isn’t a cost centre anymore. It’s a sales and marketing powerhouse.

HR has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Once considered a cost centre, it’s now a centre of excellence in talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention. HR leaders, in the right organisations, have stepped up to take their rightful seats at executive and board-level tables and discussions as the function’s influence and impact are […]

How your hiring process might be driving your high attrition rate – and vice versa.

High attrition rates can be a major concern for businesses, and while it’s tempting to focus on internal factors when investigating the cause, the hiring process itself is often overlooked. In the current climate of candidate and skill shortages, these issues are coming to the fore for many organisations. So, today, we’ll dive into the […]

ChatGPT will only increase the value of talent acquisition expertise. Here’s why.

How many times did you interact with AI today? If you think it’s less than 28, you’re likely underestimating this increasingly pervasive technology. Generative AI has been part of the hiring process on the employer side for some time. From automated screening to chatbots, it’s not new. However, the introduction of ChatGPT has made it […]

How quiet hiring is mitigating the talent shortage

‘Quiet hiring’ is a term I first came across in an article about Google. It highlighted how the tech giant is largely a meritocracy, constantly encouraging their employees to go above and beyond, and rewarding those who do. It has become known for promoting those who show they can handle a higher-level workload before they’re […]

Can tech really help me find good candidates and employees?

To say recruitment is challenging right now is an understatement. Australia is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, meaning business owners and talent acquisition professionals are navigating unchartered territory. Overlaying the talent shortage, candidate preferences have changed. Today’s candidates know what they want from an employer, and unless they’ve been living under a […]

Three reasons you need one-way video interviewing right now

Asynchronous video interviewing is a tool that allows you to request a one-way video interview that candidates complete at a time that suits them. With little effort required from your team, it’s a great way to quickly screen candidates, bring resumes to life and ultimately make more informed shortlisting decisions. But here are three benefits […]

How can you reach more healthcare talent?

The healthcare employment market remains a candidate-short one, and the challenges continue to mount for many subsectors. We are yet to see skilled migration return to pre-pandemic levels, and this, combined with local skills shortages, is creating the perfect storm and a significant challenge for this essential service. Case in point, vacancies for Registered Nurses […]