Still recruiting with Excel spreadsheets? It’s time for an upgrade

If you’re still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your talent pipeline, you probably already know you are overdue for an upgrade. In fact, you’ve likely known for some time. However, it can be easy to fall into the trap of procrastinating while you convince yourself that the status quo isn’t so bad.

Well, it’s time for some tough love! Recruiting using spreadsheets is wholly inefficient; it isn’t delivering the results your hard work deserves and, ultimately, it’s costing you time and money. And don’t get us started on the data security, integrity and compliance nightmare!

It can be hard to think about making an upgrade in the flow of business as usual, but it’s likely to be the ‘square wheel’ that is holding you back. A spreadsheet is simply the wrong tool for the job.

Here are just three ways upgrading to a proven applicant tracking/talent acquisition system (ATS/TAS) like turbo will change your life and business:

All your data in one place: Better security, compliance and integrity

Your ATS can (and should!) be your single source of truth when it comes to your end-to-end recruitment journey, from attracting the best candidates and onboarding them to managing internal promotions.

A 2020 IBM report, aptly titled Spreadsheets are holding you back, puts it so well when it says, ‘disconnected spreadsheets offer little in the way of data security or an audit trail to identify when, where or why changes were made, all of which lead to multiple versions of the truth’.

Having multiple ‘truths’ will always hold you back, ensuring you don’t have the information to make the best possible resource allocation or hiring decisions. It can also lead to costly compliance issues, so maintaining data security and privacy is a must.

Vastly improved reach and resource allocation: Save time and money 

You already know the argument for automation and the vast swathes of time it will save you, so we won’t cover old ground here! What we will focus on instead is resource allocation. The right ATS/TAS will help you allocate resources more effectively, which will likely improve every step of your recruitment journey.

You’ll attract better candidates because you can refocus your people’s time on strategic attraction and retention activities. With the data to inform where you spend your time and money, you’ll get the most bang for your buck and attract the best candidates. And with simple, practical tools to manage the hiring journey, you’ll have more time and resources to allocate to the strategic work that really moves the needle.

Happier candidates and clients: Increase retention, attract better talent 

With a fully managed end-to-end process and complete visibility across the entire journey, you’ll deliver a better candidate experience that significantly reduces drop-off. Talent pooling functionality allows you to identify suitable matches for roles in a few clicks to ensure your recruiting is high quality and cost-effective. And whether you are an agency servicing external clients or an in-house talent acquisition team, you’ll maintain a happy network.

So ask yourself, can your spreadsheets do all of this? Contact turbo to book a demo and find out how our locally owned and supported solution can revitalise your hiring process in 2024.