How to increase speed in healthcare hiring

With the relentless pressure of increasing demand for healthcare services, rising patient expectations and ongoing global health challenges, the importance of speed in healthcare hiring has never been greater. 

Of course, it must be far more than a race against the clock. Fast doesn’t always mean good. Accelerating your hiring processes doesn’t mean skipping due diligence. It means finding efficiencies so you can apply your expertise where it counts. 

But let’s not sugarcoat it: it’s a talent race out there for healthcare right now, and the best candidates have their pick of employers.  

It’s about moving quickly and moving smartly. And that’s where tech can really help. At turbo, we call it you x turbo – because tech can’t replace you, but the right tech will empower you. 

So, how can you increase speed in healthcare hiring without compromising quality, combining your expertise and using tech as your workhorse?

#1 Keeping recruitment always on with a careers page 

A solid careers page is like a welcoming front door for candidates. And you can keep it always open by collecting expressions of interest even when you don’t have a current vacancy to keep your talent pipeline growing. 

With turbo, you’ll have access to a bespoke, fully branded, search engine–optimised and mobile-responsive careers page and microsite to attract more talent. These best-practice sites even come with a tonne of features like single-page applications, intuitive job recommendations and interactive job maps. 

#2 Attracting talent with precision

At its core, sourcing is an art form that requires insight, intuition and a deep understanding of the industry landscape. Your recruitment software helps to amplify the human effort: 


  • Bring a multifaceted understanding of the role, culture and the organisation’s unique value proposition to identify the best-fit profiles. 
  • Apply your innate understanding of the market and the best-suited candidate to understand where to find the best talent.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of culture and engagement to help your leadership team (or client) create an excellent hiring proposition.



  • Uses the expert profile you’ve created to analyse profiles and identify potential matches. 
  • Collects and analyses source data and gives you real-time feedback so you can tweak your strategy in real-time, increase ROI and reach best-fit candidates. 
  • Helps you build and maintain your talent pipeline through an integrated, best-practice careers page and talent community that collects, analyses and tracks the candidate journey. 


= Reach the highest possible number of suitable candidates in the shortest possible time.

#3 Screening to make the perfect match 

Once your sourcing is done, you’re ready to screen. It’s an area where the right tech takes a lot of the administrative work out of the process. 

For example, with turbo’s multifaceted screening questions, you can easily pre-screen candidates to filter those who don’t meet your requirements. It can even be configured to send on-the-spot (but kind!) rejections to those who won’t make it to the next round.

Our AI tools also allow you to rank, screen, match and even clone your preferred candidates (to find more best-fit candidates fast!). Our suite of tools will analyse resumes and automatically match them against your hiring criteria while providing real-time recommendations on which resumes best meet your requirements. 

Then, it’s over to you to review recommendations and apply your expertise to shortlist top talent. 

= Move to interview with confidence and speed! 

#4 First-round interviews via video 

Once you’re ready to move to interviews, it’s important to get the best candidates in front of you and your team quickly. But healthcare is a landscape dominated by shift work, so this can be a challenge. 

That’s where one-way video interviewing can help. Candidates receive a link to record their interview at a time and place that suits them. Just like a live interview, candidates can answer questions in real-time (no going back!) so you can quickly get a feel for their experience, cultural fit, communication skills and personality.

Videos come through your turbo system, so you can review, compare and share with other stakeholders as required. 

= Progress only the best candidates to face-to-face interview, saving your time – and theirs. 

#5 Interview only the best-fit candidates 

With this process, you’ll be able to move to an interview faster than ever. And the people in front of you will be the highest-quality candidates, so you’re making the most of your time (and your expertise!). 

Of course, your tech remains behind you. With turbo’s full visibility and automated comms, you can stay on track at every step. 

= Secure top talent, fast.

#6 Use intuitive insights to continuously improve 

From attraction to diversity, turbo’s intuitive analytics and data-pulls enable you to review and report on metrics from across the hiring process. By applying your expertise and insight to these analytics, you can consistently refine and hone your process and grow your pipeline. 

= A data-driven, highly effective and continuously improved healthcare hiring process. 

Want more from your healthcare hiring? It’s you x turbo! Contact the turbo team. We’d love to show you how our locally owned and operated system can make a big difference to your recruitment process.