Why a great careers page is a necessity in healthcare recruitment

In an industry where the quality of care can often be linked to the quality of the professionals providing it, showcasing your commitment to excellence starting right from recruitment is crucial.

A dedicated careers webpage is no longer a luxury but a necessity for healthcare organisations. It’s the first point of contact for potential candidates and volunteers to learn about the organisation’s culture, values, opportunities and expectations.

In fact, it can be your competitive edge in a challenging recruitment landscape. Here’s how:

Welcoming your next hire

A dedicated careers webpage is your digital doormat to welcome prospective hires – and first impressions matter.

A careers webpage is not just about listing job openings; it’s about communicating a commitment to excellence and care from the first click. Importantly, it must enable potential candidates and volunteers to register their interest in working for you, even when you don’t have an active vacancy.

Maintaining a solid talent pipeline

Healthcare talent can be hard to find, and vacancies can arise suddenly and urgently. In this landscape, you need a pool of readily available talent. An active, well-thought-out careers page engages visitors’ interest in working for you and guides them to apply for open roles or leave their details for future openings. In a candidate-short market, candidates do not return to websites that they are unable to engage with.

Keeping recruitment always on

Your company careers page is a simple and effective way to keep your recruitment on 24/7. It also gives you a destination for recent graduates and networking contacts. It opens up opportunities to market your employer brand, keeping you top of mind rather than being another job listing in a crowded market.

Building your employer brand

According to Seek, being known for good culture and employee engagement is a ‘must-have’ for 48% and a ‘delighted-if’ for 46% of job seekers in the healthcare and medical industry. Essentially, 94% of candidates will be more likely to covet a role at your organisation if they know you have a good culture.

And the perfect place to let them know? You guessed it – your careers page. Used well, it should be your pitch to prospective candidates, showcasing the benefits and culture through real employee stories and experiences.

Think about how your organisation talks to prospective clients or donors. Your careers page can take the same approach for employees.

Delivering on candidate experience

Those who want to get serious can take things a step further with a careers page integrated into their turbo applicant tracking system (ATS). This simple functionality enables you to store and search applicant and expression of interest data, actively track the candidate’s journey from the site to onboarding, and easily engage with them throughout the process – avoiding candidate dropout, or worse still, losing them to a competitor.

While healthcare recruitment presents challenges, leveraging technology through a careers webpage and an advanced ATS platform allows forward-thinking organisations to address these challenges head-on. And gain a critical edge in the process.

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