Looking for an ATS? Here’s why turbo should be in the mix!

What do you look for in a new application tracking system (ATS)? There are countless options on the market all vying for your attention. You’ve probably heard of the big, international players (marketing budgets for days!) with lots of bells and whistles on offer.

But if you’re looking for something that works for the local ANZ market, enhances your recruitment capabilities (without trying to replace them), and has one-on-one personalised support to build additional functionality you need, here’s why you should check out turbo.

turbo is designed for you

turbo is big enough to service the full range of recruitment, talent acquisition and recruitment needs while being small enough to provide unrivalled personalised service. We won’t just customise your system; we’ll build the functionality you need to thrive.

turbo enhances your skills without replacing them

We’ve been in the space for 16 years, and in that time, we’ve seen plenty of change. Today, you can automate just about anything, but it’s not always the best move. Recruitment is a people business, so your technology shouldn’t replace human contact, it should enhance it! And that’s exactly what turbo does.

We call it you x turbo because it’s a partnership to source new talent, attract more applications, fill more roles, and work alongside you!

turbo is the local hero

Focusing on the Australian and New Zealand markets, we’re 100% Australian-owned. We operate with a strong understanding of local recruitment needs because we live and recruit here too. So, we’re not shoehorning you into a global solution; we’re responding to real, on-the-ground challenges that we face in our own business too.

turbo is constantly evolving based on real need

We don’t wait for market research or an R&D department to tell us how they think we should evolve. We make updates based on real-time market needs and what we hear from our clients.

And there’s little lag time. What we hear from a client on a Friday can be put straight into development on Monday. How good is that?

So, if you want an ATS that’s really for you, about you, and will work for you, why not give a local, proven solution a try? You might just find the power of you x turbo is exactly what your business needs!